Attendees’ Guide to WordCamp Tokyo 2017

How to Register

It is necessary to buy a ticket for Session Day on Day 1 and Contributor Day on Day 2 respectively.
Since the size of the venue is limited, if the number of participants reaches the capacity, we will stop selling tickets.

  • It is OK to use nickname such  as real names on registration.
  • Tickets are unnecessary for those under primary school students.
  • If you are a junior high school student or older than 18 years old, please get a free ticket and present identity card with an age at the reception.
  • The unit of price is all yen. The price includes tax.

Ticket Details / Purchase

After Party

After the Session Day, we are having an after party at the same venue. Details are TBA.

Registered Information

  • Registration information (your name and Gravatar based on your email address ) will be displayed in the attendee list.
  • Required items on the registration form are only your name and email address.
  • Optional: Twitter account and website URL to be displayed in the participant list. It will be used for the statistics of WordCamp Tokyo and will never be published. Please fill out when applicable.
  • You can use your nickname in filling up your ticket application.
  • Participant information can be changed from the URL described in the email.

Payment Methods

Via PayPal

If you do not have a PayPal account

If you do not have a PayPal account, please enter the necessary information on the application form and click the green “支払いをする” button at the bottom as it is. You will be switched to the PayPal login screen, then click “Pay with card” and enter your credit card information to register on PayPal. After registering in PayPal, we will proceed with your payment.

If you don’t have a valid credit card

The ticket system WordCamp uses only accepts payments from Paypal account or credit card. If you have a bank account, you can use the fund in it through your PayPal account. You can also use a prepaid credit card (available at convenience stores), such as V-Prica.

Payment Errors

  • Check to make sure the credit card information you entered is correct and you have sufficient balance.
  • If you encounter connection or system error, please try again later. You can contact us with the error code if the problem is not resolved.

After you successfully purchase a ticket, you will receive an email. If this doesn’t happen, check your spam folder/trash then contact us with your name and email address used for the purchase.

Cancellation and Refund

Paid tickets

Until September 10th, you can request a refund using a link in the email with the subject line “WordCamp Tokyo 2017 のチケット”.

If you bought a ticket that comes with a T-shirt, you can only receive a refund until August 15th. In case you can’t attend the event, we will send you the shirt to a specified location. Please contact contact us if you would like to have this arrenged.

Free tickets

For any free tickets, you will have to contact us to cancel the ticket due to the system limiteation. Please contact us with your name and email address used for the ticket registration.

Break Room

General Break Room: “WAPUU Café”

We will have a room for anyone to take a break. Details are TBA.

Kids & Babies

We welcome participants who want to bring kids and babies.
We have a special family break room & nursing room on the Session Day (September 16).
Family room is available for anyone with younger children (up to elementary school age). Nursing room can be used with mothers who needs to breastfeed or change diapers.


What you need

All tickets

Please display the web page linked from the ticket email (“WordCamp Tokyo 2017 のチケット”) on your browser, screenshot, or printed paper.

Under-18 discount tickets

In addition to the web page mentioned above, please bring a proof of age (Student card, license, insurance card, passport, etc.) A copy of the ID is accepted.


  • You may register for a ticket on the day of the event as long as seats are available.
  • We will not be selling tickets at the door. Pre-registration is required.
  • We are expecting the registration area to be very crowded on the morning of the Session Day. Please make sure to have the ticket ready.
  • There will be a separate registration line for those who also purchased the After Party Ticket.